The Latest Options For Speedy Tactics Of Skin Care

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It wasn't about making her look tan because that is not her look. It's about making her look clean and perfected; the St. Tropez One Night Only ($16) gave her a hint of color and made her absolutely flawless." Better yet, it's a temporary product that requires no commitment. This focus on skin-finishing, as Evans calls it, seems to be the future of fake 'n' bake. (The president-elect, whose skin tone has been compared to Cheetos, may want to take note, too.) "The best spray tans are the ones you can't identify - the client looks like they are glowing from within," says Evans. Additionally, the product can not only add color, but hide imperfection, even the skin tone, give muscle definition, sculpt and flatter curves. "They act like instant Photoshop," she says of St. Tropez's formulas, which work with a person's pH and melanin to achieve natural-looking color. Thanks to a reformulation last year and fragrance house Givaudan, the brand even removed the telltale DHA smell and replaced it with fresh floral notes. View photos Courtesy Photo Considering Evans has worked with fair-skinned women including Kate Moss, Anna Gunn and Zooey Deschanel, she's very aware of subtlety (a makeup artist has even used St.

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